Ownership Declaration

The author(s) who sign the Copyright Transfer Agreement hereby assign, convey, and otherwise transfer all rights, title, interest, and copyright ownership in this Work to JU when the Journal accepts it for publication.

  • “Work” means the material submitted for publication plus any other related material submitted to the Journal hosted by JU.
  • The rights assigned to the JU include (but are not limited to) the rights to:

– edit, publish, reproduce, distribute copies, prepare derivative works, include in indexes or search databases in print, electronic, or other media, (whether or not they are used when this agreement is executed), and

– claim copyright in this Work throughout the world for as long as it is copyrighted, including renewals or extensions.

  • All accepted Works become JU property and may not be published elsewhere without JU prior written permission.
  • Authors may use parts of the Work (g., Tables, Figures) in subsequent works without asking the PJGD’s permission.