Horn of Africa Journal of Business and Economics (HAJBE),EDITORS’ NOTEDear Readers,HAJBE is a biannual peer-reviewed publication of Business and Economics College, JimmaUniversity established in 2017. The Journal is aimed at providing an appropriate forum tostimulate publication in the areas of Business, Economics and Public Administration. The journalhas published five regular issues till June 2020 excluding this special issue. The regular VolumeIII Issue II of the journal will be published in the coming December 2020. In addition to itsregular issues, the journal has a policy of publishing special issues and this is the first in thehistory of HAJBE.This Special issue is totally dedicated to the Socio-Economic effect of COVID-19 in Ethiopia.Currently COVID-19 is highly affecting every aspect of our country including our Socio-economy. In order to combat the negative effect of this pandemic, academic staffs need to playtheir role by undertaking research and indicate the way forward to decision makers. As a result, ateam consisting of 11 members from all the departments in the College of Business andEconomics, Jimma University was established to study the Socio-economic effect of COVID-19in Ethiopian. The output of the research was published in this special issue of HAJBE. Thepurpose is to facilitate communication of the output of the study to interested individuals andinstitutions in the country or abroad.This special issue consists of about eight research articles in diverse topics including the effect ofCOVID-19 on Tourism Sector; Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises; Industry Sector; bankingsector; Insurance sector; Tax administration; Unemployment and service sectors. Although, mostof the findings are based on descriptive desk research, we believe that decision makers can getvaluable information for combating the pandemic.Further, the studies can serve as a springboard for making further detail researches on the topics.Happy Readinghttp://journals.ju.edu.et1June 2020Published: 2020-06-19

Published: 2020-06-19