The Effect of COVID -19 on Industry Sector in Ethiopia

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Zerihun Ayenew
Kenenisa Lemi
Shimekit Kelkay


Industrialization in Ethiopia is dated back to imperial regime. Starting from the time of
commencement till today different industrial development plans has been set and then
tremendous results have been achieved too. Before the pandemic, each sectors of economy has
shown trend of increment in the GDP contributions and labor employments. These in turn makes
the country to run on the right track of development. But nowadays, COVID-19 is becoming
potential threat for all sectors of the economy. Also, as the global economy is in higher term oil
conditions, it goes without saying that there would be disruptions in domestic demands. In turn,
this has adverse impact on the level of jobs and income that most self- employed earned.
Besides, as the manufacturing and construction sector deploy more temporary and daily
laborers, the level of social crisis is highly pronounced on these sub sectors than the other
sectors. Hence, curbing the challenge of the pandemic is a function of creating a resilient
organization that analyzes possible risks in advance and making safety precaution, creating
collaborative system with in industries and changing the trend of production to COVID-19
related products.

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Zerihun Ayenew, Jimma University

Associate Professors,

Department of Management

Kenenisa Lemi, Jimma University

Associate Professors,

Department of Management

Shimekit Kelkay, Jimma University

Lecturer, Department of Hospitality and Tourism Management