Exploring Teacher-educators’ Job Satisfaction Using Job Descriptive Index

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Abadir Abrahim


The objective of this study was to investigate teacher-educators’ job satisfaction using job
descriptive index in four colleges of teachers education found in Oromia. Using cross-sectional
survey design qualitative data was collected randomly from 87 study sample. Specifically job
descriptive facets (people, work, pay, promotion and supervision) were explored to determine the
level of job satisfaction and identify facets responsible for this. Moreover, the influence of age
and sex on job satisfaction was examined. The finding indicated medium level of job satisfaction
among the teachers across the four colleges. However, all four colleges were not similar in
terms of job satisfaction scores. Especially significant difference found between Jimma and
Sebeta Colleges of Teachers education. This is mainly attributes to age factors because colleges
who had older age people reported high level of job satisfaction scores whereas colleges who
had relatively young workforce reported relatively lower level of job satisfaction. Contrary to
age gender found to have no effect on teachers job satisfaction. This may be due to the small
number of female teachers participated in the study and further study may be required in this

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Abadir Abrahim, Jimma Teachers’ College

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