Impediments to Masters of Business Administration (MBA)Programs A study in Selected Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in Ethiopia

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Zerihun Ayenew
Deresse Mersha


Although postgraduate Education in Master of Business Administration (MBA) has a life of about two decadein Ethiopia, HEIs are aggressively expanding the program in recent times. This in turn may cause oversupply of ill qualified MBA graduates. The main objective of this study is to identify the limitation of the existing MBA programs in terms of Curriculums, Inputs and the overall teaching and learning process. To achieve this objective, five higher Education Institutions (HEIs) running the program were purposely selected and data was collectedfrom graduating class MBA students, academic staffs, department heads and postgraduate coordinators. Further, the currently working MBA curriculums of each universitieswere reviewed in detail. The finding indicates that, the MBA programs in the HEIs under study have so many limitations in terms of curriculum design, facilities, inputs and overall teaching & learning process. Hence, in order to meet an ongoing demand for quality business academia and professionals, it is advisable for universities exert their efforts in updating their curriculum, recruit high profile professionals, and fulfill required infrastructuresbefore opening the program

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