University Industry Linkage & Technology Transfer Director office at Jimma University has been established in July 2017. It is one of the main directorate offices under the Vice President for Research and Community Services.

There are two mainstreaming under the directorate of UiL & TT. Those are University Industry Linkage which focuses on Internship (engagement of students in practical training in different industries in Ethiopia) and externship activities in the university & Technology Transfer which focuses on the process of knowledge transferring the new findings, technologies & researches in the University for commercial or public use.


 About Research

Excellence in Research and Technology Transfer 

Jimma University as a leading institution of higher education in Ethiopia, places a great emphasis on research being conducted by all members of the academic community and at levels ranging from research projects to address the minutest of community problems to high level research on issues that can have an impact globally. Undergraduate students are employed to work on community based problems through research projects as part of their undergraduate requirements while Jimma University also host Ethiopia’s most accomplished researchers who work on highly significant research projects both as part of independent university initiated projects as well as with research partners from around the world. Jimma University continues to increase the quality and quantity of its research production each year. The university also ensures that all campus community members understand the value of sound research methodologies and the importance of constantly improving the research process. In light of the importance of research to academia and the university’s desire to further assist in the development of the nation and the solving of pressing national and international issues, research is the second pillar of Jimma University.

Jimma University prides itself on being one of the main drivers of development in the country through the education of thousands of development minded and solution oriented students each year. However, Jimma University also see an important place for the inclusion of academic and research programs aimed at engaging in the most advanced developments in science and technology.