Contribute to the University in its endeavor to be known internationally in solving community problems through very strong scientific research works, so as to enhance the role of education in bringing about changes and improvements in economic, and socio-cultural life of the society; contributing to the creation of qualified researchers, and academician who could be models at the university level, and competent nationally as well as internationally.


Create a strong reputable journal exemplary to others, locally as well as internationally passing through series of improvement to the standard of scientific forum.

In the course of fulfilling the criteria to reputability, the journal has passed through several challenges. It was officially endorsed as fully reputable journal by Jimma University senate on May 6, 2009. This endeavor took about four year’s hard work based on the guidelines stipulated in the senate legislation of the University. The journal is still getting stronger to meet the customers’ expectation and maintain the standard on sustainable basis.