Road Traffic Accident (RTA) is a serious problem in Ethiopia in general and Oromia in particular. This article
deals with the risk factors and implications of road traffic accidents (RTAs) in Oromia Special Zone
Surrounding Finfinnee (Addis Ababa) in Oromia National Regional State, Ethiopia. The study was exploratory,
cross-sectional, descriptive in its design, and qualitative in its approach. We (researchers) used interview and
observation to collect data. We organized 24 interviews and two FGDs with traffic police, transport authority
experts, health experts, and social affairs experts, drivers, and administrative organs. We used a case analysis of
victims of road traffic accidents. The findings of the study show that failure to give priority to pedestrians, to
drive over speed, to estimate poorly distance between vehicles in motion, and to drive while taking
drug/drinking alcohol were the major behavioral risk factors. Further, poor road quality and improper use of the
roads were the major road and environmental factors. Poor mechanical services, poor safety equipment, and
inappropriate use of them were among vehicle-related factors. There were also gaps in rules and regulations on road safety. The system of offering driving licenses was untrustworthy, and the system of controlling drivers
was weak. The finding also shows that the major socio-economic implications of RTAs are negative health
effects, family breakdown, economic dependency, and difficulties to develop coping strategies. We concluded
that multifaceted and interconnected environmental, mechanical, behavioral, and legal factors have contributed to RTAs in the study area. Finally, we gave recommendations based on the findings.
Key terms: /Ethiopia/Implications of road traffic accidents/Risk factors/Oromia/Road traffic accident/

URN: http://nbn-resolving.usurn:nbn:de:0000ejssls.v7i1

Published: 2020-06-30