Xiinxala Gahee Ogafaan Gumaa Lubbuu Namaa Araarsuu Keessatti Qabuu Haala Godina Qellem Wallaggaatiin

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Alamaayyoo Faqqadaa
Qabbanaa Taaddasaa


The objective of this study was to explore the roles of oral literature in resolving a conflict between parties at blood feud, ‘warra-gumaa’ that arises due to a loss of human life based on a tradition of Gumaa, an intuition of Oromoo devoted to peacefully resolve such disputes. The focus area of the study was Kellem Wollega of Machaa Oromoo. The study focused on the oral tradition aspect of the tradition due to the fact that previous studies on Gumaa rarely addressed the role of oral literature subgenres within the broader social folk custom of the Gumaa Institution. The study employed descriptive design and qualitative methods of data collection and contextual analysis. The data was collected using participant observation from natural context; besides, interview and focus group discussion were used for further understanding of how and why different subgenres of oral literature were used. Primary sources were used and the informants were elders in three districts of the zone selected based on qualitative purposive sampling method. Accordingly, elders with rich experience of handling Gumaa cases as identified by culture and tourism office of the zone were informants. The study was based on functional view of folklore. According to the data the main subgenres of oral literature used among the Macha Oromo of Kellem Wollega were blessings, begging and cursing among others. And the roles of these oral literatures were to persuade the parties involved in blood feud to stop further human life lose as revenge. Therefore, various subgenres of oral literature are key in Gumaa tr

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