Xiinxala Adeemsa Saxaxa Sirna Barnootaa Afaan Oromoo Sadarkaa Lammaffaa

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Margaa Gammadaa


The purpose of this study is to investigate the process of Afaan Oromoo curriculum design in case of secondary school starting from its educational policy to the development of instructional material. The study employed cross-sectional survey designed to examine the process of the curriculum design. The approach of the study was mixed consisting of quantitative and qualitative data collected and analyzed likewise. Data were collected from a total of (n=81) participants: (n=15) in-service Afaan Oromoo teachers who were selected by availability sampling technique for questionnaire and four for interview, and (n=40) students who were chosen using simple random sampling for the study to fill the questionnaire and ten for FGDs to get both qualitative and quantitative data. Qualitative data were collected from Ministry of Education, Oromia Educational Bureau (OEB), Afaan Oromoo Textbook writers, students’ family, (n=12) by using purposive sample. There were four measurement tools employed in the study: close-ended questionnaire, semi-structured interview, focus group discussions and document analysis. Quantitative data were collected and analyzed through Statistical Packages for Social Sciences (SPSS) version 20 using descriptive statistics of mean and standard division, one sample t-test and probit regression. The findings of the study indicated that the base for preparing secondary School Afaan Oromoo curriculum was the foundation of mother tongue educational policy. But the Afaan Oromoo curriculum under the study has no proper designers and scientific framework. The base used for the preparation and adaptation of Afaan Oromoo curriculum was the designed curriculum and syllabus for Amharic language. Those are the factors that affect the quality of the current curriculum. The observed mean average of the designed content in the curriculum revealed through textbook is 2.86, and the standard deviation 1.09. This shows that Afaan Oromoo curriculum was designed in a medium standard. But when compared the observed means average with an expected average of one sample t-test (3.00), there is statically significance (p<.05). This indicates that Afaan Oromoo curriculum was not properly designed based on the scientific curriculum design. From the findings of the study it is recommended that a reformation of the structure of the curriculum in the study context is seriously needed and that the involvement of the appropriate stockholders on the design of curricula is of paramount importance.

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Margaa Gammadaa, Wollega University

Margaa Gammadaa (PhD C.)
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