Generic Typology of Hararghe Oromoo Oral Narratives from Functional Perspective

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Emana Beyene (PhD)
Tadele Deressa


The major objective of this research was to identify generic typology of Hararghe Oromoo oral narrative, sheekkoo from function perspectives for further analyses in line with its roles, value systems, wisdom, knowledge, philosophical thoughts and messages. Besides, the study also up turns our knowledge on such constituents, as they are emanated from the interactivity and performances of the genre in question. The data for the research were gathered from elders, village leaders, cultural experts, religious leaders and Abbaa Gadaas. The focus group discussion, interview, participatory and onlooker observations, and document analysis from secondary sources were used as instruments of data collection and the data were analyzed qualitatively using the method of content analysis. Besides, the children-parent-peer interactions upon sheekkoo performances were captured in the contextual settings using audio recorder. The key Oromoo concepts were written in Qubee Afaan Oromoo to maintain originality. Consequently, the five generic typologies identified: myth, legend, fable, fairy tales and jock/anecdote have paramount importance in the day to day lives of the community. They help them in communicating range of lessons on the social values, knowledge, wisdom, artistic thinking and philosophical thoughts. Such multifaceted educational and entertaining functions of sheekkoo have long lasting, reliable and relevant lessons that teach different members of the community. Hence, the research community and other stake holders should give special attention in the documentation of various genres identifying the existing forms, their functions and wisdom communicated in the varius forms as oral tradition of the local community.

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Emana Beyene (PhD), Haramaya University

Haramaya University

Department of Afan Oromo

Literature and Communication

Tadele Deressa, Haramaya University

Haramaya University

Department of Afan Oromoo

Literature and Communication