Gadaa Journal is an open access, peer reviewed, multidisciplinary bilingual journal (online and print version) published biannually by the Institute of Oromoo Studies (IOS) in Jimma University. It is a double blind, peer reviewed, open access, refereed Journal aspiring to have a brand value among the world’s multidisciplinary journals. The journal publishes original, multidisciplinary, scientific (theoretical and empirical) research in all fields of studies focusing on Oromoo and accepts articles that address aspects of the totality of Oromoo life in space and time.

Call for Papers of Gadaa Journal/Barruulee Gadaa


Call for Papers of Gadaa Journal/Barruulee Gadaa

Greetings from the Editorial Team of the Journal


Gadaa Journal, a Multidisciplinary Bilingual & Biannual Journal of the Institute of Oromoo Studies (IOS) invites interested contributors to submit scholarly manuscripts pertinent to Oromoo life and work (Jiruufi Jireenya) for publication for its June 2020 Issue (Vol. 3, No.2).


The contributions can be in the forms of original articles, review articles, book reviews and short

communications written either in Afaan Oromoo or English and submitted online via

  • Papers from the following and related areas are required:

  • Gadaa, an all-encompassing system of Oromoo

  • Afaan Oromoo (Linguistics, Literature & Education)

  • Astronomical Time Reckoning and Oromoo Calendar

  • Oromoo Creative Industry: Arts, Music, Film, Theatre, Cultural Design & Architecture

  • Identity, Discourse and Communication

  • Indigenous Education and behavioral studies

  • Development, Economy, Trade and Wellbeing

  • Oromoo Folklore/Culture and Philosophy

  • Oromoo Legal and Justice systems, dispute resolution mechanisms and survival strategies

  • Oromoo History, Heritage, Values and Principles of Socio-political Governance

  • Oromoo Institutions: Siinqee, Family, Marriage, Child Nurturing, etc

  • Oromoo Wellness, Healthcare and Healing Practices/Medication

  • Agricultural Practices, Human-Nature Interaction, Natural Resources Management and Environment


For further information about the journal or the procedures of submission & its publication, please use the following address:

Tel. +251917804140/ +251911339596 E-mail: or

Box: 378 Website –


Vol 2 No 2 (2019): A Bilingual Journal of the Institute of Oromoo Studies (IOS) Jimma University

Gadaa Journal/Barruulee Gadaa
Vol. 2 No. 2 June 2019
e-ISSN: 2616-3985
p-ISSN: 2616-3977
A Bilingual Journal of the Institute of Oromoo
Studies (IOS) Jimma University

Published: 2020-01-31

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