Treatment Pattern and Factors Associated with Blood Pressure and Fasting Plasma Glucose Control among Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus in Police Referral Hospital in Ethiopia

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Tariku Shimels
Melesse Abebaw
Arebu I. Bilal
Tariku Tesfaye


BACKGROUND: The prevalence of T2DM in Ethiopia is on therise according to certain studies. Appropriate managementapproaches are required to achieve desired goals of therapy in theclinical setup. This study was conducted to assess the treatmentpattern and the factors associated with BP and FPG control amongpatients with T2DM in Federal Police Referral Hospital.METHOD: An institution based cross sectional study wasconducted from 15 th October 2016 to 15 th January 2017. ASystematic random sampling technique was employed in selectingthe study participants. Data was collected using semi-structuredinterview and visiting medication records. SPSS version 20 wasused for data analysis.RESULTS: Out of a total of 414 participants who fulfilled theinclusion criteria, 361 were successfully interviewed andconsidered for further analysis. Target BP level was achieved in206(57.1%) of the patients, whereas the proportion of hypertensivediabetics who attained the recommended BP target was 19.4%(n=40). Of the 361 participants who were checked about theircurrent FPG level, only 142(39.3%) were found to be <130mg/dl.However, 87(24.1%) participants were found to control both BPand FPG levels. Gender, military status, comorbidity, type oftherapy and dietary adherence showed a statistically significantassociation with outcome variables.CONCLUSION: The proportion of participants with T2DM whoachieved target BP, FPG or both was suboptimal. A comprehensiveapproach that involves targeted education on self-managementstrategies, individualized treatment plans, and continuousevaluation of treatment outcomes should be practiced.

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Tariku Shimels, EthiopianFederal Police Commission HealthService Directorate, Ethiopia

Medical Logistics and Pharmacy
Service Coordination

Melesse Abebaw, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Federal Police Referral Hospital

Arebu I. Bilal, Ethiopian Police UniversityCollege, Ethiopia

Police Health Professionals Training

Tariku Tesfaye, Ethiopian Police UniversityCollege, Ethiopia

Police Health Professionals Training